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ESPN and SEC Network personality Paul Finebaum appears to have some issues with Michigan fans. Finebaum called Michigan fans “a whiny and sniveling bunch” back in September, and he took exception to Wolverines’ fans again this week, calling them “some of the most unrealistic people that I’ve ever encountered” on his radio (and SEC Network-simulcast) show Tuesday. Here’s more of what he said, from Big Ten site Land of 10:

At one point during Tuesday’s show, he quipped that the greatest Michigan coach in the past 40 years, Bo Schembechler, never won a national championship.

“Call me back when you just win one,” Finebaum told one caller. “When you win a championship, call me back.”

Finebaum uses “Michigan man” Les Miles as his proof of Michigan’s status not being as lofty as fans think. The Wolverines couldn’t bring Miles home to coach Michigan when he decided to stay at LSU.

“Don’t blame me for your problems,” Finebaum said.

Finebaum later had positive things to say about Ohio State fans when compared with Michigan supporters. He said Michigan fans are “some of the most unrealistic people that I’ve ever encountered.”

“There’s no comparison between Ohio State and Michigan fans,” Finebaum said. “Ohio State fans are very knowledgeable people. They understand, they are supportive. Michigan fans are from another planet.”

First, trying to convince Les Miles in January 2011 to leave a loaded LSU team that would make it to the national championship the following year wouldn’t have been particularly easy for anyone, so that hardly seems like a real slam on Michigan. The Wolverines also won a national championship in 1997 and have had plenty of other success, including passing Notre Dame in all-time winning percentage this year, and they’re currently ranked third in the AP poll, so they’re not exactly “Roast Beef Tech.” Finebaum playing the feud with fanbases (especially those outside his SEC base) isn’t exactly unexpected, though. But hey, maybe if he keeps trolling Michigan for long enough, Jim Harbaugh might learn who he is

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