There have been quite a few cases of ESPN (and other outlets) identifying the wrong people or teams on graphics, and this is perhaps particularly bad when it comes to mixing up a college team with one of their in-state rivals ahead of a high-profile game. ESPN did that in 2016, subbing in the Michigan State Spartans for the Michigan Wolverines on a SportsCenter graphic ahead of the Ohio State-Michigan game, and they did it again this year, subbing in the Oklahoma Sooners (who already played in the Alamo Bowl) for the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a Fiesta Bowl preview graphic Friday. And, unsurprisingly, that drew some criticism:

Everyone makes mistakes, including us, but subbing out a school for an in-state rival is a bad one. Especially on a promo graphic for a bowl you’re airing. That’s some Maxwell Smart-level work.

Get Smart.

[The Spun; screengrab via Cade Webb on Twitter]

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