Photo errors can happen, especially with feed tweets that sometimes can put a headline with a wrong photo and/or story, but the CBC accidentally delivered one of the greatest possible combinations of headline and incorrect photo imaginable Monday night. The CBC News Twitter feed accompanied a story about “ageless” Venus Williams advancing to the Australian Open with a photo of Barbara and George H.W. Bush. Here’s a screengrab:

CBC tweet

This led to some pretty funny responses:

The tweet in question linked to an AP story on the CBC website about the Australian Open results (headlined by a bit about Stan Wawrinka, interestingly enough, but with Venus Williams leading the next heading down), and it seems that the feed somehow got this mixed up with a photo of the Bushes from this AP story about George being moved out of intensive care and Barbara being released from hospital.

It’s easy enough to see how that could happen, and it’s not like this is the only mixup of this kind out there. These kind of glitches do occur, and they’re less problematic than other mistakes around Williams during this tournament. Still, this mistake certainly produced some great reactions.

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