Jordan Rodgers corn dog

Saturday night’s game between the Texas A&M Aggies and South Carolina Gamecocks featured a lot of action on the field, but the only action that SEC Network broadcasters seemed interested in is what was happening at a corn dog cart.

During a break in the action, the broadcast cut to footage of some extremely large corn dogs being sold at the nearby South Carolina State Fair, and broadcasters Jordan Rodgers and Tom Hart were absolutely mesmerized to the point where they might have forgotten they were live on-air.

“Oh my gosh,” said Rodgers. “Talk to me, dirty corn dogs.” And after a brief pause, he added “Are we on?”

Their infatuation with the deep-fried food items didn’t stop there. Perhaps sensing that the duo needed to taste those corn dogs sooner than later, they eventually made it into the booth where Rodgers did his best to pace himself with that disturbingly large cornmeal-battered hot dog. It made for quite an image.

Not to be outdone, Cole Cubelic was on the sidelines absolutely devouring a “donut burger” and things went off the rails after that as Rodgers also worked a giant turkey leg into his meal, offering some to Hart as well.

The whole thing feels like a culmination of Rodgers’ ongoing appreciation for intriguing food items and college football broadcasters upping their innuendo game. Where things go from here, we’re afraid to find out.

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