Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the broadcasting ranks. And his propensity to go viral with NSFW quips isn’t hurting his case.

On Saturday, Griffin hit the Michigan State SpartansWashington Huskies audience with two shocking, but hilarious, sexual innuendos not typically heard on an ESPN broadcast.

Shortly after Michael Penix Jr. drove Washington into the end zone late in the first half, Griffin informed play-by-play voice Mark Jones that he came up with a new nickname for the Huskies’ quarterback. “Big Penix energy,” said Griffin, who sounded delighted with the nickname he erected. “He got big Penix energy.”

But Griffin’s sexual innuendos didn’t end with reference to the male reproductive anatomy. The former quarterback conjured up another NSFW term during the second half, when Michigan State center Nick Samac was flagged for an illegal snap.

“You know what we call that?” Griffin asked his play-by-play partner, prompting Jones to innocently, but apprehensively respond with “pump fake?” Jones then awaited the answer, knowing “pump fake” probably wasn’t in line with what Griffin was thinking.

“Premature snapulation,” Griffin said.

Keep in mind, the college football season is only three weeks old, and we already have Griffin on record saying “big Penix energy,” “premature snapulation,” and shouting “there’s an orgy in the endzone!” after Michigan’s Alex Orji ran for a touchdown. Griffin also made sure to highlight Zach Wilson’s rumored sexual relationship with his mom’s best friend last week while calling the matchup between BYU and Baylor. “He was always committed to the cougars,” Griffin said of the former BYU Cougars quarterback.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what assignment ESPN hands to the broadcast duo of Griffin and Jones. The former NFL quarterback’s ability to walk the line of NSFW commentary on a Disney-owned production makes their game must-watch TV. (But those trying to slide into his DMs should be aware that his wife Greta runs his social media accounts.)

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