Charles Barkley trolls Skip Bayless

Buried behind his battles with Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley took a shot at Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe over the weekend.

During their NCAA Tournament coverage Sunday afternoon, CBS aired a pre-taped segment titled “20-second drill.” The segment featured Texas guard Tyrese Hunter attempting to rattle off as many facts about himself as he could in 20 seconds. Following the bit, Barkley tried to emphasize that Hunter’s task wasn’t as easy as it sounds, explaining, “I’ve been on a couple game shows, and I didn’t do very well.”

“Can you do 20 seconds of Chuck?” Kenny Smith interjected. “20 seconds of Chuck right now.”

Barkley, however, wasn’t ready to be put on the spot. “See how you interrupt me, Skip? Stop interrupting me, Skip!” he fired back, comparing Kenny Smith to Skip Bayless.

Earlier this year, during an admittedly rocky point in their relationship, Shannon Sharpe similarly scolded his co-host Skip Bayless for interrupting him during their FS1 show Undisputed. Only Sharpe was kidding. The Pro Football Hall of Famer had returned to Undisputed after missing a show, seemingly in protest of an untimely tweet by Bayless, and while addressing his unplanned absence, Sharpe didn’t appreciate being interrupted.

Later that week, Barkley went on Inside the NBA and repeatedly sought opportunities to troll Bayless and Sharpe for their on-air blowup.

On Sunday, Barkley was at it again, trolling Sharpe and Bayless for having one of the most awkward exchanges in sports TV history. It had been months since anyone talked about their infamous feud on Undisputed, but Barkley never passes up an opportunity to mock Bayless. The blunt disrespect is nothing new, with Bayless and Barkley having been at odds for decades.

In defense of Bayless, Barkley is usually the one to take the first jab in their feud. And he did it again during the NCAA Tournament.


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