Todd Frazier’s time with the Pittsburgh Pirates will likely be remembered more for how it ended than how it actually went.

The 11-year Major League Baseball veteran signed a minor-league deal with the club in March, joined the active roster in April, and was designated for assignment on May 10. That was fairly understandable considering he hit just .086/.200/.114 in 40 plate appearances with the club.

One person who wasn’t sad to see Frazier go was Mark Madden, who hosts a weekday afternoon show on local station 105.9 The X. The oft-outspoken Madden, who has made a number of controversial remarks over the years, dabbled in Twitter beefs, and was once fired from a radio job over his comments, made his thoughts on Frazier’s departure pretty clear on Twitter.

A scant 13 minutes later, Frazier responded, calling Madden an “absolute slob” and included a photo of Madden to dress him down further.

Madden took the bait but responded with a very solid comeback.

After that, Frazier tried to claim victory, retweeting supporters. Meanwhile, Madden reiterated his disdain for the now-former Pirate while taking on all comers in his mentions, but not before throwing out a few more parting shots.

Frazier is no stranger to recent run-ins on Twitter with media members. When he debuted in April for the Pirates, he tweeted that he was expecting a “miserable tweet” from columnist Dejan Kovacevic, who had written that he thought Pittsburgh should sign Phillip Evans instead.

Kovacevic, who was offended by Frazier’s bastardization of his name, also made note of Frazier’s recent comments accordingly.

It’s not entirely clear why Madden took such a strong shot at Frazier to kick things off, other than that the player seemed to make a habit of burning bridges with any media members who criticized him. Clearly, it looks like everyone will be better off with these two being in different cities moving forward.

And just an FYI to anyone covering Todd with another team, if that happens, he’s almost certainly going to be paying attention to what you say about him. You’ve been warned.



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