Greg Wyshynski and Mark Madden got into it on Twitter Wednesday.

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From his time at Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog through his current role with ESPN, Greg Wyshynski has long been active on Twitter, and known both for jokes and for some feuds with certain crusty members of the hockey media. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh media personality Mark Madden (who’s a host on radio station 105.9 the X and WPXI-TV,  writes for everything from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to, used to write for the Beaver County Times, and was a commentator for World Championship Wrestling) has been known for plenty of feuds and controversial remarks of his own, including getting suspended and then fired from a radio job at the Pittsburgh ESPN affiliate after saying he  “hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated,” floating speculation about Jerry Sandusky’s charity “pimping out young boys to rich donors” and more.

The two crossed paths on Twitter Wednesday, and sparks flew.

This all started with Wyshynski tweeting out an story of “Did Penguins protect the wrong goalie from the expansion draft?”, one pondering if they might have been better keeping Marc-Andre Fleury then Matt Murray:

That led to a lot of backlash, as you can see in the replies, and a lot of flak for Wyshynski from Pittsburgh fans and media. But the only problem there? He didn’t write it. It’s a piece by long-time ESPN Insider columnist Rob Vollman. And Wyshynski tried to point that out, and compared this to the backlash he used to get at Yahoo over the eulogies for teams upon their playoff exits (which were written by rival fans, not him):

Some of those responses tagged Madden, who’s often defended local players and teams against any perceived slight from out-of-town media. (Consider his column Wednesday on how Sidney Crosby is still way better than Alex Ovechkin as an example.) And Wyshynski then sent out a snarky tweet about Madden:

Which led to a whole giant war, with Madden declaring Wyshynski was flushing the legacy of past ESPN NHL writers Pierre LeBrun, Craig Custance, and Scott Burnside “down the toilet,” Wyshynski comparing Madden to a washed-up DJ, Madden calling Wyshynski a scab, and more:

Wyshynski had some further comments on Madden (and on his accusations) in replies to others:

From this corner, Wyshynski’s the winner; the DJ references could be better, but “soft, comfortable low-stakes unheralded life of local celebrity” is a decent shot, and Madden’s “scab” comments are pretty ridiculous; it’s not as if Wyshynski directly took the jobs of those other writers or had anything to do with ESPN’s layoffs, as “scab” would imply. He was hired months later. And even if he’d turned down ESPN, that wouldn’t have brought the other writers back. So from here, it looks like this went about as well for Madden as say, his encounter with Tank Abbott:

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