The Pittsburgh sports media seems very insular and defensive from what I’ve seen of it in the past. On Tuesday, all of those awful negative qualities boiled to the surface when ESPN’s Britt McHenry dared to venture into town to cover the Penguins’ mumps outbreak.

The chaos started on Monday, when long-time Pittsburgh columnist Dejan Kovacevic took a shot at an unnamed ESPN reporter in a subscriber-only column, calling her “lost” and criticizing her line of questioning. Then on Tuesday, local troll/radio host Mark Madden jumped into the fray, and all hell broke loose.

And then the personal attacks started.

McHenry tried to set the timeline straight, but it didn’t matter, I guess because she’s a woman and doesn’t know anything about sports, or because she works for ESPN and hates hockey, or….I don’t even know. Just trying to find the logic in the trolling, here.

Then of course, the misogynistic trolls because to come out of the woodwork (which we won’t post here, because let’s be honest, that’ll help no one). And then Madden tried to distance himself from his followers.

And then he tried to spin the script so that he was the oppressed one that no one stood up for.

What a mess. Maybe don’t drag gender and looks into your criticism, eh Mark? Hockey Without Propriety had a good take on the situation, and I’m wondering if any of this would have unfolded had ESPN sent say, Pedro Gomez to Pittsburgh. Probably not, I’m guessing.

Oh, and in case you thought this was an isolated incident with Madden, you’d be wrong.

[The Pensblog]

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