Mike and the Mad Dog

Despite being newly inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo can’t pronounce half the names and sports terms that he’s paid a fortune to talk about. Amazingly, that’s part of his charm.

In the last week, Russo has fumbled pronunciations of Saquon Barkley, Qatar and the Washington Commanders. And the last of those has  appeared to rub off on his ex-partner and fellow Radio Hall-of-Famer Mike Francesa.

“Chase Young, a little something to prove,” Russo said of the Washington Commanders’ defensive star, who is nearing a return to the field from injury. “What do we expect out of that Commodore defense?”

That’s not a typo. Russo called the Commanders the Commodores. We’re used to broadcasters fumbling the Commanders’ name, considering the franchise is on their third moniker in recent years. But Russo didn’t refer to the team as one of its past names, he went and made up a new one. And as Russo was flubbing the Commanders’ name on his radio show, his former WFAN co-host was making the same mistake on his own podcast.

While both hosts struggled with Commanders, it’s Russo who frequently turns sports names and terms into tongue twisters, with Francesa, (believe it or not) being known as the more polished broadcaster.

As a national sports personality hosting a show on his own Mad Dog Sports Radio channel for SiriusXM, in addition to making weekly appearances alongside Stephen A. Smith on First Take, Russo was tasked with saying Qatar this week as the World Cup gets set to kick off. Many sportscasters have struggled to pronounce Qatar in recent weeks, but only Russo would throw a rogue W in there.

And lastly, here’s Russo attempting to say New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley on his radio show, which is also courtesy of Jimmy Traina.

While most Radio Hall of Famers are smooth and polished with deep, booming voices, Russo’s inability to pronounce things properly, his goofiness and one of a kind drawl are all part of his long-lasting appeal.

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