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One way to derail an emotional, heartfelt farewell is by recalling the time that person you’re saying goodbye to pooped their pants.

Shaun Morash officially exited CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show Friday morning. Starting Monday, he will join WFAN’s new afternoon drive program with Evan Roberts and Tiki Barber. After 10 years with Damon Amendolara, Friday’s show paid homage to Morash, also known as Mraz, who is undoubtedly one of the most unique personalities in radio.

“What you see is what you get,” Amendolara said of Morash. “And that is the highest compliment I can give. That’s why he’s so effective. That’s why he is so good at this, is because there is no shell. There’s nothing he won’t talk about, nothing he won’t share.”

Literally, nothing.

Amendolara described having a sort of epiphany at the end of last year, recognizing that at some point in the near future, The DA Show was probably going to change. As talent moves on and the industry changed, Amendolara recognized that 10 years is a really long time for one show to stay intact.

“I said, ‘All the stuff that I’ve told you over the years, forget it. Just be yourself. Just do what you do.’ And I said, ‘It’s gonna be great. I just know it,'” an emotional Amendolara recalled telling Morash. “It was amazing. If you just sat back and let Mraz do Mraz, it’s like, ridiculous. Which leads to him pooping in his pants on the air and admitting it! Who would do that and then admit it? You would hide it, you would lie about it, you would do something, and he just won’t. That thing is just the secret sauce.”

That secret sauce was described by Morash as a “volcano erupting” in his pants. It was described by Amendolara as being “like somebody dumped a milkshake down [Morash’s] pants.” That’s the secret sauce that WFAN, Evan Roberts and all-time great New York Giants running back Tiki Barber have joining them Monday. That’s the secret sauce that had Amendolara and Morash crying on Friday as they said goodbye.

Friday wasn’t the first time tears were shed on The DA Show. One of Morash’s first viral moments on CBS Sports Radio came in 2014, when he broke down on the airwaves while talking about Derek Jeter retiring from the Yankees. Just as Morash cried over Jeter’s goodbye, The DA Show was now crying over their pants-pooping producer’s goodbye.

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