Stephen A. Smith Stephen A. Smith arrives for a live broadcast of ESPN’s “First Take” from Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Friday, Sept. 2, 2022. The show was in town as part of the Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic. Espn First Take Benson04

There’s already precedent for sports personalities running for office and TV stars becoming president. So why not Stephen A. Smith?

Smith has openly expressed interest in running for president, even doubling down on his initial sentiment. He has also actively engaged in political commentary, criticizing potential Democratic nominees and expressing his desire to debate Donald Trump.

While ESPN typically avoids political discussions, Smith utilizes his own platform, The Stephen A. Smith Show, to voice his opinions. This, combined with his significant media presence and outspoken personality, has contributed to his emergence as a potential political figure.

“There are people in the political stratosphere that have been clamoring for Stephen A. to get more involved,” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take Friday. “You’re going to see me at times getting a bit more polished politically. And you know what you’re gonna see me saying, Molly? ‘My name is Stephen A. Smith, and I approve this message.'”

While some, like Molly Qerim, expressed disapproval of Smith’s potential political aspirations, Smith’s intention may not be as clear-cut as it seems. He might simply be preparing his colleagues for the possibility of future political involvement rather than announcing imminent plans.

It’s quite notable that Smith would acknowledge a desire for increased involvement from figures outside of traditional politics, like himself. Especially because he has been approached to more than merely flirt with entering that world.

It’s unclear whether this translates to him seeking office or leveraging his significant platform, one of the largest in sports, to amplify specific messages. While the future remains uncertain, the current political climate makes it difficult to completely dismiss any possibility, including Smith’s potential presidential run.

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