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Shannon Sharpe spent some time in the news recently due to the viral interview with Katt Williams on his Club Shay Shay podcast. Now he’s got the Saturday Night Live spoof to show for it.

Viewed over 52 million times, the one-on-one chat between the First Take co-host and the legendary stand-up comedian sparked plenty of discussions and drama over Williams’ revelations about comedians and actors like Steve Harvey, Chris Tucker, Ludacris, and Kevin Hart. He also claimed that there was supposed to be a sexual assault scene in the 2002 movie Friday After Next but he demanded that it be removed (which Ice Cube has denied).

Sharpe was criticized for not asking more follow-up questions regarding some of the things Williams had to say, though he refuted critics by saying he is not a journalist.

“I never said I was a journalist, I never professed to be a journalist,” Sharpe would later say on his podcast Nightcap. “I’m an entertainer. If you want hard-hitting questions, 60 Minutes is the platform for you … go to somebody who does that.”

On Saturday, SNL aired a sketch called “Club Shay Shay – Extended Cut” that showcased wild proclamations that didn’t make it into the interview, featuring Devon Walker as Sharpe and Ego Nwodim as Williams.

“Williams” goes on to riff on Barack Obama, claiming that he came up with the “Yes We Can” slogan. He also claims that James Cameron wanted him to be in Avatar, complains about all the famous women named Greta, claims to have invented fruit, debates the notion of free will, and says that Steve Harvey can’t read.

We can’t wait to see what Sharpe has to say about the impression of him and whether or not he thinks it was “blasphemoneous.”

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