Skip Bayless explaining his viral tweet about the Cowboys. Photo Credit: The Skip Bayless Show Photo Credit: The Skip Bayless Show

Longtime FS1 personality Skip Bayless has made a living thanks to his at-times outrageous sports takes. But recently, he has garnered a ton of attention on social media for an entirely different reason.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claimed earlier this offseason that his plan was for the team to go “all in” this offseason in hopes of building a potential Super Bowl-winning team for the upcoming 2024-25 season.

“It will be going all in on different people than you’ve done in the past,” said Jones via Cowboys team reporter Nick Harris. “We will be going all in. We’ve seen some things out of some of the players that we want to be all in on. Yes, I would say that you will see us this coming year not build it for the future. It’s the best way I’ve ever said. And that ought to answer a lot of questions.”

Despite this proclamation from Jones, the Cowboys have largely had a pretty quiet offseason, thus far not making any huge moves in Free Agency, unlike a number of their NFC East counterparts.

This led to Bayless taking to social media earlier this week to rip Jones with a simple four-word message.

Obviously, this tweet has an entirely different meaning if not for a very strategically placed comma. And this has been more of a talking point than the actual meaning behind the tweet itself, generating 7.6 million views and counting.

On Friday, Bayless addressed the tweet on his podcast, The Skip Bayless Show, saying that he has no regrets about how the message landed with fans.

“I start with one of your questions from Alex from out here in Los Angeles,” said Bayless. “‘Why would you tweet that?’ Alex, the better question is, why wouldn’t I tweet that? So, this past Tuesday evening, I finally got so sick and so tired of Jerry Jones fiddling around while his Rome burns. And I tweeted this, ‘All in, my ass.’

“Do you know what I love about Twitter, or X as it is now called? I am a long-form writer. I’ve written five books, I’ve written a screenplay, I’ve written god knows how many 5,000-word magazine articles. And in four very short words, all split by that very important comma, had to have that comma. With those four little words, I can break the internet. So far, that little tiny tweet has done 67 million impressions. Because I hit a nerve. I struck fuming hot oil, like Jerry Jones used to strike. I hit a gusher of emotion. Cowboys Twitter is sick and tired of Jerry Jones doing absolutely nothing in free agency. And so was I for once.”

It’s pretty laughable for Bayless to think that the vast majority of the replies to his now-viral tweet are actually in response to his criticism of the Cowboys.

In reality, about 90% of the replies are about his use of the comma in the tweet, with most completely disregarding his actual football analysis entirely.

Say what you will about Bayless, but he still finds a way to remain relevant on social media despite the floundering ratings of FS1’s Undisputed, even though it may not be in the way that he thinks.

[The Skip Bayless Show on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: The Skip Bayless Show]

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