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Dating back to the earliest days of Nightcap, the late-night football podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson for The Volume, the two have debated what is and isn’t permissible when it comes to their female partners passing gas around them. Sunday night marked a special edition of the show as Deion Sanders joined the two to recap a busy NFL Sunday.

But in true Nightcap fashion, Sharpe and Johnson pulled Sanders in a different direction to weigh in on that very argument.

Sanders sided with Sharpe, saying his preference is for men and women to handle their gas in separate quarters. No matter the closeness he may have with a woman, Sanders said such a gross and personal act should be handled privately. That is, after Sanders hilariously begged the Nightcap duo to clean up their language because Sanders is “in the portal.”

“You better hold that thing and walk off with it,” Sanders chimed in. “You can’t fart around me.”

Johnson attempted to convince Sanders that giving a woman the freedom to not worry about being gross around her partner was a form of intimacy, but Sanders could not be swayed.

“You’re so nasty that she felt like, ‘I might as well go ahead and get mine,'” Sanders jeered at Johnson.

Then Sanders posed what he believed was the ultimate question: “Have you ever heard your mama fart?”

Without hesitation, Johnson said yes. He then told Sharpe and Sanders he needed to get them into therapy to help them find peace based on their mental blocks against normal human anatomical function.

Of course, Johnson said this as he housed a Coca-Cola and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. So maybe there’s an explanation for the grace around flatulence in the Johnson household.

“I see him farting so much that he went ahead and blessed it,” Sanders said of Johnson.

Finally, Sanders revealed his one relationship pet peeve: A woman’s nails can’t be “torn up” and unmanaged. Even Johnson agreed there.

Everyone has their own perspectives on intimacy, even your favorite retired NFL athlete.

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