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Shannon Sharpe might be an open book on TV and his podcast, but he has some serious boundaries when it comes to the bathroom.

For Sharpe, the most important boundary is gas. He won’t fart in front of a lady friend. And if she has any hopes of a lasting relationship with the Pro Football Hall of Famer, she better not fart in front of him either.

“Going to the bathroom in front of a woman, I don’t do that,” Sharpe told co-host Chad Johnson on their Nightcap with Unc & Ocho podcast. “I don’t pass gas, no. Hell no.”

Stunned by Sharpe’s admission, Johnson gave the polar opposite take, noting his grandma once told him as soon as he finds a woman who can use the bathroom with the door open, that’s the one. “This one right here,” Johnson said of his fiancé, “I knew she was the one when she farted in front of me.”

“Ocho, hey! I broke up with a girl for doing that!” Sharpe claimed. “I swear before God and two white men, I did.”

Proving once again that he doesn’t align with Sharpe on the issue, Johnson said he even grades his fiancé’s farts. “Baby, let that sh*t out. And I grade it. I grade it too. When she let one out, ‘Okay, that was about a four right there. That was about a four. That was a good one.’”

Everybody poops, everybody farts too. Just not in Shannon Sharpe’s house. But it’s not like Sharpe sits there dropping deuces or letting them rip in the confines of his home while demanding women keep the gas valve closed on the premises. The same rules apply to him as well.

“If we’re both home, nobody goes to the bathroom in the master bathroom,” Sharpe said. “For the longest time, I would literally drive back to Fox or I would go to the guest house, or I would send her to the store…and that was my opportunity.”

Does Sharpe still have a key to Fox? They won’t allow his name to be uttered on Undisputed, but can he still use their bathrooms?

Sharpe clearly doesn’t agree with Johnson on the issue of women passing gas and using the bathroom. But he aligns much better with his new ESPN colleague, Dan Orlovsky. Earlier this year, during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Orlovsky revealed that his wife won’t poop when he’s home. Maybe she has a sister.

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