Mike Francesa

Sometimes it’s important to stop and appreciate some of life’s more simple pleasures. A warm breeze at dusk on a summer evening. A dog greeting you after a long vacation. Watching Mike Francesa be disappointed to the point of incoherence by the Mets doing Mets things, all in real-time.

We were afforded that last one today thanks to the Phillies erasing a 3-1 deficit in the 9th inning at Citizens Bank Park, then winning 6-3 via a Jean Segura three-run walk-off blast to left. To set up the play, though, here’s Todd Frazier keeping the Mets alive with a two-run homer in the top of the 9th inning.

After an insurance run, it seemed like the Mets were going to avoid a sweep and perhaps salvage some dignity, which has been in short supply lately. But, nope. After the Phillies tied it up, Jean Segura sent the Mets home:

Fun on its own as a sports moment, and tremendously on brand considering the week the Mets have had. It gets better, though, because Mike Francesa was livestreaming at the time, which meant we got the full blast of rage. Please, enjoy:

The glasses toss is truly something else. The continued call for the ’69 Mets to take the field is also great. (Sure, they didn’t win, but why not the 2000 Mets? What of Todd Zeile, Mike?)

Thank you, @BigMeatPete, for preserving this important moment in sports broadcasting, and for helping all of us find a little joy on a Thursday afternoon.

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