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Sunday’s broadcast of the AFC Divisional Round matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills featured several shots of Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce enjoying himself while cheering on his brother, Travis Kelce. And FS1 personality Skip Bayless was none too pleased about it.

Jason Kelce was the star of the show for many viewers watching the game, seen in a suite without a shirt on avidly cheering on the Chiefs and his brother at several points during the game.

You would expect that most watching would see this as an endearing and rather entertaining moment from Kelce. Instead, Skip Bayless called out Kelce for “taking a page” out of the self-promotion playbook from none other than Taylor Swift.

“Jason Kelce taking a page out of Taylor Swift’s self-promoting playbook, going beer-raising shirtless up in their box and competing for social media attention with her,” tweeted Bayless.

This isn’t exactly a surprising take from Bayless when you consider how he has spoken about Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce in the past.

Bayless has long been a critic of Swift, saying that their well-publicized relationship feels “stagey and fake” to him.

Regardless of how Bayless feels about Jason Kelce’s shirtless antics, it is extremely hypocritical for Bayless of all people to be calling out “self-promoting” of any kind.

This is the same person who regularly films himself throwing Cowboys’ gear into the trash after they suffer a loss in a big game, some attention-seeking behavior in the eyes of most. As the saying goes, the pot is calling the kettle black in this situation.

To be expected, many NFL fans called him out on social media for the hypocrisy of his tweet.

At the end of the day, it sure seems like Jason Kelce had a great time cheering on his brother. While Bayless is instead tweeting out takes that give off a very bitter energy.

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