Skip Bayless trash can Cowboys Screen grab: Undisputed on X

Even before the clock hit zero on the Dallas Cowboys’ Wild Card round loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, many were wondering how Skip Bayless would respond.

And the Undisputed host didn’t disappoint, as once again, he managed to make his favorite team’s loss all about him.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Bayless posted a video showing him throwing out several items of Cowboys apparel, including multiple t-shirts, jerseys and hats. Intentionally or not, the video was only made more funny by Bayless having to constantly reopen his trash can’s automatic lid, which kept closing after he emphatically disposed of each item.

“I am DONE with these gutless, heartless, playoff frauds,” Bayless wrote, reposting the video that was originally shared by Undisputed’s X account.

It’s unclear whether these were new Cowboys jerseys Bayless was throwing out, or the same ones he has made a show of trashing following previous disappointing Dallas defeats.

While Bayless and his former First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith are now on rival networks and shows, their performative reactions to everything Cowboys related remains a common thread between the two. Like Bayless, Smith couldn’t wait until Monday morning to produce content regarding Dallas’ 48-32 defeat — although the ESPN star’s video took on a much different tone than Bayless’.

“I’ve been telling y’all now for 28 straight years, 29 and counting, just wait. Be patient. They won’t let you down. But you wouldn’t listen,” a cackling and grinning Smith said. “Now looks what’s happened to you now.”

Despite Monday marking the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, Smith promised he’d be in studio to discuss the Cowboys’ loss on First Take. And unsurprisingly, ESPN’s $12 million man kicked off the show by trolling his favorite fanbase to target, which just so happens to include his former co-host in Bayless.

[Skip Bayless on X]

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