Skip Bayless addresses Dak Prescott's future Photo Credit: FS1 Skip Bayless addresses Dak Prescott’s future on “Undisputed.”

Skip Bayless once again theatrically threw away his Dallas Cowboys apparel after Sunday’s stunning Wild Card loss, but this time, the FS1 personality followed up that faux drama the next day with a plea for change.

On Monday’s episode of Undisputed, the die-hard Cowboys fan dissected the corpse of their postseason that ended with a 48-32 loss to the Green Bay Packers. And when the topic turned to quarterback Dak Prescott’s future in Dallas, Bayless made his opinion clear.

“We can do better than Dak Prescott,” he said. “Because he’s now fallen to 2-5 in the postseason. Right on schedule yesterday, right when I least expected it, he turned into ‘Playoff Dak.'”

Granted, this isn’t the first time Bayless has disowned the Cowboys and Prescott. Sunday night, he wrestled with his automatic trash can as he threw away a load of apparel. After the team’s blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers in October, Bayless trashed a Prescott jersey in an X/Twitter video, complaining, “That’s it. I am DONE DONE with Dak Prescott. Jerry should be, too.”

But most fans viewed all the previous acts as pure schtick. Bayless went full nuclear on Prescott on Monday’s show, pointing out he’s said all year, “I just don’t trust him in the postseason. I never wavered. I was stuck with him so I can’t help but root for him. …”

Bayless unfavorably compared Prescott to some vintage Cowboys quarterbacks he’s watched through the years, dating to Don Meredith. He even worked in a shout-out to fellow Undisputed colleague and former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, who played with quarterback Troy Aikman.

“I know what Troy Aikman brought to this franchise, because nobody knows better than the man sitting across from me right now,” Bayless said. “When it was time, Troy played. When it was time for 8 to 88, I could trust it, I could take it to my emotional bank because it always cashed, and cashed and cashed.”

Only time will tell if Bayless will ever trust Prescott again, or if he’ll go out and buy more Prescott jerseys to “throw away” the next time Dallas loses. But he couldn’t be more clear about how he really feels about the issue during Monday’s show.

[Undisputed; Photo Credit FS1]

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