Skip Bayless trashing Dallas Cowboys jerseys Credit: Skip Bayless

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

Following a particularly bad Dallas Cowboys loss, Undisputed host Skip Bayless ran to his closet, pulled out all of the Cowboys jerseys he could find, stomped into his kitchen, opened up the garbage can, lifted up the jerseys so that he could take one last look at them, and then launched them into said garbage can before storming off.

Bayless, who has long said he doesn’t do schtick, trotted out his performative routine Sunday night following Dallas’s brutal 42-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Dak Prescott’s jersey is the one that ended up in the trash following his three-interception performance in the blowout loss.

What happens to the jerseys once they’re in the trash? Well, it seems like they come right back out once Bayless’s wife stops filming. As The Big Lead noticed, this comes just nine months after Bayless trashed what appears to be the same Prescott jersey following the team’s playoff loss.

If not for the appearance of the Micah Parsons jersey, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking he had just re-posted the old video. Skips’ wearing the same outfit, the kitchen looks exactly the same, and he even huffs and puffs the same pre-planned way in each one.

Perhaps it’s because Skip has already thrown out all of his blue Cowboys jerseys, as he made sure to “trash” his Ezekiel Elliott one back in 2019. Presumably, the blue Dak Prescott jersey he’s wearing still hangs in his closet.

Bayless isn’t the only Dak Prescott detractor out there but he does appear to be the only one with an endless supply of his jerseys for the sole purpose of throwing them in the trash over and over again.

We’ll see if the Cowboys can get back on track following this latest disappointing loss or if that Prescott jersey will be making several more trips to the trash can between now and January.

Just keep the phone ready at all times, Ernestine.

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