New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers (left) and cornerback Sauce Gardner sit court side during the second quarter of game two of the 2023 NBA Eastern Conference semifinal playoffs between the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden. May 2, 2023; New York, New York, USA; New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers (left) and cornerback Sauce Gardner sit court side during the second quarter of game two of the 2023 NBA Eastern Conference semifinal playoffs between the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made of the burgeoning relationship between New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the NY media. Some think it won’t be a big deal while others think the Big Apple’s reporters will eat him alive.

The New York media’s reputation is that, rightly or wrongly, they can influence the way many athletes are perceived. And that appears to be at the heart of a Twitter beef involving a trio of NFL cornerbacks.

On Tuesday, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler asked various NFL executives, coaches, and scouts to rank the top 10 cornerbacks for the 2023 season. Denver’s Patrick Surtain came in at No. 1 overall while Jets’ corner Sauce Gardner snagged the No. 2 spot.

Former cornerback Asante Samuel, who spent his early NFL career with the New England Patriots, disagreed with that assessment.

“The New York media will take your career to another level,” Samuel tweeted Tuesday.

That garnered a response from Gardner, who pointed out that the media members weren’t involved in the article.

“The tweet literally says those were the cornerback rankings by PLAYERS, EXECUTIVES, SCOUTS, & COACHES… I’m trynna figure out why you keep bringing up NY Media,” Gardner tweeted.

Samuel responded by continuing to imply that the only reason those NFL staffers think Garnder is so good is because the NY media overhyped him.

“Just like the pro bowl votes use to be. Yes you have the best media behind you. I challenge you to turn some of those pass break up to interceptions this year. You will hear from me,” responded Samuel.

Earlier in the day, Samuel also took a shot at former Jets corner and Hall of Famer Darrelle Revis, saying Gardner’s reputation is based on the NY media’s love of Revis, who also wasn’t that special.

“It’s the NY media what did Revis do so special. I’ll wait… It’s documented want great cornerbacks did in the stats,” tweeted Samuel.

Revis, naturally, chimed in, telling Samuels to stop being such a hater.

“…Quit being a hater when it comes to young rising stars @ the cornerback position. be mad @ the voters who never considered you shutdown,” tweeted Revis.


“You take as hating it’s not that fam. I’m just trying to set standards and figure them out for the young fellas. It’s all good fam no beef. Congratulations and drink or bottle on me. Everybody will tell you this me all day,” responded Samuel.

Revis then decided to break out the big guns and share a story about how Jets coach Rex Ryan would prepare the offense against Samuel.

“I really don’t know much about this guy. never was inspired to watch his film but something does jog my memory. I do remember we played Falcons + Rex Ryan made a highlight clip of him being doubled moved on almost every single route. I recall Rex saying to receivers in our weekly team meetings. The game plan was if he line up across from you, double move him every time. So in practice our receivers referred to him as the “DOUBLE MOVE KING”.  I never viewed him more than what was said about him in the scouting report,” wrote Revis. 

When Samuel responded by saying Revis got beat on the double move more than he did, the Hall of Famer kept bringing the heat.

“Try again mother sucker. I’m a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer. scouting report on me was a head coach telling his Quarterback to be cautious to throw my way. It just hit different bro. Maybe you should write a letter to the HOF voters to state your case,” wrote Revis. 

Things went back and forth for a while longer and even into Wednesday, when Samuel brought things back to the NY-centric crux of his original point, going full conspiracy theory.

That’s a helluva leap for Samuel, implying the NFL would be favoring the Jets over the Patriots when the latter was racking up Super Bowls during both of their playing careers.

Chances are, the two are still arguing on Twitter while you read this. But we’ll let Revis have the final word about how things shake out.

“Stop saying there is a beef,” Revis tweeted at Dov Kleiman, who compiled some of their tweets. “There is no beef. One player is a Hall of Famer and the other is not and wants to be considered one.”

As for Sauce Gardner, the guy who the initial article was about, he’s all about positivity moving forward.

“It’s enough room on this Earth for everybody to eat,” he tweeted.

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