Mina Kimes on the Pablo Torre Finds Out show. Photo Credit: Pablo Torre Finds Out on YouTube Photo Credit: Pablo Torre Finds Out on YouTube

The world of mainstream sports has been predominately male-dominated for quite some time now. So truthfully, it should come as no surprise to see football fans upset with the media attention that Taylor Swift has received at Kansas City Chiefs games throughout the season.

Someone who understands the idea of being criticized by fans in a male-dominated industry is ESPN personality Mina Kimes. Whether it be questions about her credibility or just general objectification, Kimes has dealt with criticism every step of the way throughout her media career.

Dan Le Batard detailed exactly this on Pable Torre Finds Out show on Friday, setting her up as the perfect person to speak on the criticism Swift receives.

“Look, Mina, you have specific experience and knowledge to how men, or cavemen, have reacted to you invading the man cave. You particularly, you coming into the football sphere sitting next to Ryan Clark and (Dan) Orlovsky or Domonique (Foxworthy), having your opinion and looking the way you do. Looking like most people don’t look when talking about football for the last 50 years. You have invaded this space, but the customer has made that somewhat difficult for you. That has been an obstacle course.”

While Kimes did acknowledge the similarities in her situation compared to Swift, she also touched on several differences.

“You have pretty different dynamics at play,” said Kimes. “For me, a lot of the misogyny or resistance I have felt over the years is men feeling suspicious as to why I am here, my credibility. I think with the Taylor Swift backlash, the impression I get is that people are annoyed with the idea of other fans being allowed into their space. I don’t think most men are really upset with them showing Taylor Swift for two seconds. I think they are upset with the idea of what it signifies. I think it’s a different phenomenon.”

Swift’s camera times during NFL games has been a completely overblown story as is, so Kimes could be onto something in terms of male NFL fans being upset more about “Swifties” suddenly becoming interested in football than Swift’s actual on-camera appearances.

Regardless, the critics of Swift will have to deal with her on the grandest stage of them all in attendance at Super Bowl LVIII next week, much like they have to deal with Kimes, whether they like it or not.

[Pablo Torre Finds Out, Photo Credit: Pablo Torre Finds Out on YouTube]

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