Kyle Brandt giving a fake interview to Jamie Erdahl about his 100-0 Madden win against his son. Kyle Brandt giving a fake interview to Jamie Erdahl about his 100-0 Madden win against his son. (Good Morning Football.)

Over the years, Kyle Brandt has done some unusual things on television and radio. Those range from being on MTV’s The Real World: Chicago in 2001 to acting on Days of Our Lives from 2003-06 to serving as a producer and writer on The Jim Rome Show from 2007-2016 to his work since then on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. And it was in that latter role Friday where he made his latest splash. There, Brand gave a tongue-in-cheek interview to fellow co-host Jamie Erdahl, going in-character as a coach to talk about dropping 100 points on his son Calvin in a game of Madden 23 Thursday:

The exchange there at the start is great. “Coach, coach!” “I have one minute. Quick, what do you need?” “Sure, sure. Controversial result, decision-making, I’m sure, down the stretch, for you to shut out your own son. Do you have any regret?” “I mean, I have enormous regret. My regret is that I didn’t score 200 points on him. I think it was DraftKings, they had us -99.5, so we covered.”

“I want to give a shoutout to DeVonta Smith who caught eight two-point conversions. Including the most critical one. Believe me, I was sweating bullets on the sidelines when we were up 98-0 with no time left on the clock.  We ran the same **** play we ran to DeVonta from the prior seven two-point conversions. He got it again. Curl routes for the money. I absolutely loved it. Also, if you’re fans of Scorigami, I like that. 100-0, that ain’t ever been done before. I’m very proud of my guys.”

There’s also a good shot of the game’s final stats:

Stats from Kyle Brandt's Madden game against his son.
Stats from Kyle Brandt’s Madden game against his son. (Good Morning Football.)

The whole interview there is excellent, with Brandt playing into coaching interview stereotypes throughout. And this is one of the funnier interviews ever conducted about the merits or lack thereof of running up the score.

This is a nice addition to Brandt’s past funny work on GMFB. That’s included roasting coaches’ attire in their annual photo in 2019, getting jokes off about FS1, providing the most detailed GoldenEye analogy ever seen on sports television, and much more. And this may be educational as well; perhaps this will teach his son to cover DeVonta Smith on curl routes.

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