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Kyle Brandt of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football has produced some great themed Friday segments over the last while, from Star Wars to Goldeneye to a tribute to Chris Berman, and his latest even included some sports media commentary. On Friday, Brandt and GMFB co-hosts Peter Schrager, Nate Burleson and Kay Adams dressed up in tuxedo t-shirts for an Oscars segment, and Brandt delivered an opening monologue comparing teams to recent movies, which culminated with a shot at Fox Sports following their cancellation of Fox Sports Live, decision not to renew Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole’s contracts,  and decision to not renew Garbage Time in its current format. Here’s the segment:

After Oscars-themed jokes comparing Arrival to Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott and Lion to the Atlanta Falcons, plus a bonus joke about Kyle Shanahan’s decision to go away from the run in the second half of the Super Bowl, Brandt delivers a perfect La La Land line about FS1:

There was of course La La Land. Now we have multiple teams in LA. I have to say though, there’s one particular team in LA that’s just out of control. They’re releasing fan favorite players, throwing around these ridiculous contracts, what a mess! But enough about Fox Sports One.

Nicely done. This could pave the way for a whole lot of sports analogies about FS1; perhaps their three revamps of Fox Sports Live were akin to continually firing coaches, and their big-name free agent hires like Skip Bayless and Jason Whitlock haven’t seemed to provide much production on the ratings side. With additions like Rob Parker, Ray Lewis and Chris Broussard, too, they’re building a team that a lot of people love to hate. We’ll see if all these unpopular moves ever win them a championship; they’ve claimed a couple, but one was for a single week full of MLB playoff games, and the other was pitting Undisputed against SportsCenter on ESPN2. (In fact, they seem to be focused more on competing with ESPN2 in general these days, and that’s a competition they’re not often winning.) Until they start making more of a ratings impact, Brandt is likely far from the only one who will be lobbing shots at the easy target of FS1.

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