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There’s been a lot of ongoing discussion about Chris Berman’s future this year, and whether it holds more of the same at ESPN, a smaller “emeritus role,” a jump somewhere else or even retirement. The answer to that question still isn’t known, so it’s possible that yesterday’s final Monday Night Football broadcast of the year will also mark Berman’s final time in the MNF host’s chair. With that in mind, NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt (who’s known for his thematic highlights; previous memorable ones include this Star Wars-inspired segment) delivered a “Fastest Three Minutes” highlight segment in tribute to Berman on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning Football:

That’s well done by Brandt and the rest of the Good Morning Football crew, coming up with some very Bermanesque nicknames and calls (“Matthew ‘Chief of’ Stafford,” “He could go all the way!” “Dak ‘Full Court’ Prescott”) and he’s right to point out Berman’s influence over the years as well. While many today are less enthusiastic about Berman’s nicknames and calls, and some feel he’s past his best-before date, there’s unquestionably a time when Berman’s highlight reads were both popular and huge in the sports world. He’s also meant a lot to ESPN as one of their longest-tenured and highest-profile employees. We’ll see if this does prove to be the end of Berman on MNF or not, but if it is, that’s a pretty nice sendoff, especially when you consider that it came from someone at a competing network.

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