Keyshawn Johnson on The Awful Announcing Podcast with host Brandon Contes. Keyshawn Johnson on The Awful Announcing Podcast with host Brandon Contes.

Since retiring from the NFL after the 2006 season, wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson has spent much of the time with ESPN or FS1. He currently serves as a co-host of Undisputed on the latter network with Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman, and Michael Irvin.

This week, Johnson joined Brandon Contes on The Awful Announcing Podcast to discuss a variety of topics.

One of the topics featured the former first-overall pick discussing what it’s like working with Bayless and Irvin when they have to discuss the Dallas Cowboys. Bayless is famously one of the most prominent and boisterous Cowboys fans around and Irvin spent his entire 12-year career with the team, winning three Super Bowls along the way.

Does Johnson, who played for the Cowboys from 2004-06, get tired of Irvin and Bayless constantly propping the team up?

“No, I don’t,” he told Contes. “I don’t get sick and tired of talking about the Cowboys because then that gives me something to make fun of them with. I actually picked the Cowboys to win the game, and I watched the game with Michael. I kinda was hoping that they lost at the same time because Skip and Michael get on my damn nerves with their non-objective opinions of the Cowboys,” Johnson continued.

When asked if he feels compelled to bring balance to the show to try and cancel out Bayless and Irvin’s homerism, Johnson had an interesting answer. “I’m not compelled, but I’m legit in terms of even-keel on opinions. I’m not going to praise unnecessarily but I’m not going to slander unnecessarily. If it’s great, it’s great, if it’s bad, it’s bad, if it’s in the middle, it’s in the middle.”

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