Keyshawn Johnson Keyshawn Johnson on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews Undisputed host and host of the All Facts No Brakes podcast Keyshawn Johnson. Brandon and Keyshawn discuss Keyshawn’s new podcast, working with Skip Bayless, having conversations instead of debates, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :38: Being on Undisputed
  • 1:06: Interest in sports media while playing
  • 2:14: Listening to sports talk radio while playing in New York
  • 3:11: Keyshawn’s new All Facts No Brakes podcast
  • 5:50: Keyshawn’s son taking part in the podcast
  • 6:33: Appeal of podcasting
  • 7:31: Active players in media
  • 8:31: Is an active player in media a distraction?
  • 9:25: Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show
  • 10:16: Rodgers playing well after healing Achilles
  • 10:40: Working with Skip Bayless
  • 12:06: Rooting against the Cowboys because of Skip?
  • 12:38: Compelled to bring balance when Skip and Michael are big Cowboys fans?
  • 14:31: Having “conversations” with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith instead of debating
  • 16:12: Does Skip see this as a conversation?
  • 17:37: Respecting Skip’s and Stephen A’s football opinions when they didn’t professionally play football
  • 20:34: Has Skip “won” any conversations against Keyshawn?
  • 21:05: Is Keyshawn in competition with First Take?
  • 22:31: Being let go by ESPN
  • 23:42: Doing morning radio
  • 25:57: Working with Max Kellerman
  • 26:52: Replacing Mike Golic and Shannon Sharpe at different times
  • 27:33: Does Jon Gruden deserve another chance at NFL coaching?
  • 29:02: Tom Brady
  • 30:41: Tony Romo
  • 32:14: Mike McCarthy as Cowboys coach in 2024?
  • 32:37: Where will Bill Belichick go in 2024?

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