Keith Olbermann responds to Aaron Rodgers

Buried within the three-hour-long episode of Aaron Rodgers on The Joe Rogan Experience was a quip about Keith Olbermann.

After Awful Announcing uncovered and highlighted the quip on Monday, Olbermann responded to Rogan and Rodgers on his own podcast, brutalizing the duo for allowing him to live “rent-free” in their heads.

During Rodgers’ appearance on Rogan’s podcast, the Green Bay Packers quarterback admitted he
“misled” the media last year when he told reporters he was “immunized” against COVID-19 in an attempt to mask the fact that he was not vaccinated. According to Rodgers, the response to his vaccination status drew “a line in the sand” as the quarterback quickly lost his media allies. The only media member Rodgers called out specifically, however, was Keith Olbermann.

“People just said, ‘just get the jab,’ Rodgers told Rogan. “The Keith Olbermanns of the world. ‘Just get the damn jab!’”

The special treatment surprised Olbermann, because according to the former SportsCenter anchor, he hasn’t discussed Rodgers much recently.

“I went and looked, since February I have sent one tweet mentioning Aaron Rodgers,” he said around the 23-minute mark of his recently launched podcast Countdown with Keith Olbermann. “And I have mentioned Aaron Rodgers once on this podcast and I am living in his head rent free, as the kids say.”

Olbermann certainly relished the opportunity to pile on Rodgers after it was revealed he “misled” the media and refused to get vaccinated. But like most media members, Olbermann appeared to move on in recent months.

Olbermann’s claim of living rent-free in the ayahuasca cleared mind of Aaron Rodgers may be a stretch. But Rodgers citing Olbermann is another example of the quarterback repeatedly condemning the media’s negative coverage of him even though that negative coverage is only evoked when Rodgers strikes first by ranting about the vaccine, “woke mob or “cancel culture” that he believes is after him.

“Sincerely, I’m rooting for you, Joe Rogan. And for Aaron Rodgers too, to get over your fear of that tiny little vaccination needle,” Olbermann said. “Joe Rogan and the wonderful Aaron Rodgers, who will step in front of microphones and lie through their teeth.”

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