The Warren Sapp-Jeremy Shockey feud has been one that has been going on for quite some time now. Things started off when in March of 2012, Sapp attempted to out Shockey as the “snitch” in the Saints bountygate scandal, where the two got into a back and forth on Twitter.

Sapp caught a lot of flak for naming Shockey as the “snitch” with no proof, but that didn’t keep Sapp from defending himself. He stuck by his source, despite being suspended by the NFL Network for 30 days. Despite the controversy, the network kept Sapp around, who would still discuss the issue at hand on occasion.

Then, in February of 2015, Shockey trolled Warren Sapp’s arrest, when he was caught soliciting a prostitute in Phoenix in the wee hours of the morning after Super Bowl XLIX. As a result of the arrest, Sapp was terminated from his job at NFL Network.

Naturally, you’d think this feud would be over. But Sunday, Sapp’s bankruptcy papers were “mistakenly” sent to Jeremy Shockey, who then decided to post the documents on Instagram:


That’s hard to believe that out of all of the people in the world that Warren Sapp’s bankruptcy papers get delivered to on accident, it’s Jeremy Shockey. But it’s entirely possible, it’s just extremely convenient, almost too convenient.

Posting Sapp’s bankruptcy documents is stone cold, but it looks like Shockey will be wanting the last laugh over Sapp forever.


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