Back in March, I'm sure everyone remembers Warren Sapp going on NFL Network and proclaiming that Jeremy Shockey was the snitch for the Saints bountygate situation. Even after being called incorrect by Roger Goodell, Sapp is apparently sticking by his source, as he said on an interview with Mike Francesca on WFAN in New York on Monday via PFT:

“Stick by my source,” Sapp said, adding that he was suspended 30 days by NFLN. “In some of the information that was given to them he’s one of them.”

Saying "one of them" is much different from pointing a finger at someone as *the* snitch. Essentially, Sapp's statement has gone from "he threw the first punch to start the melee!" to "he landed some kicks in the midst of the chaos." If Sapp genuinely misunderstood his source back in March… wow. That's a pretty huge misunderstanding.

The more interesting thing revealed in the interview was Sapp's revelation is that NFL Network suspended him for 30 days following the incident. Back in April, we noticed that Sapp hadn't been on-air since his statement about Shockey, and we were stunned to learn at the end of May that the NFL Network would keep Sapp around for another year. 

While Sapp seems to have backed off from the initial strength of his comments, he's still talking about it, which is mystifying. It'll be interesting to see whether or not NFL Network enforces some stricter guidelines after his suspension or if Sapp is free to talk about Shockey being heavily involved with bountygate some more.

[h/t: Pro Football Talk]

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