Soon after the news broke that he had been arrested in the wee hours of the morning after Super Bowl XLIX, Warren Sapp has been terminated from his job at NFL Network

Sapp was arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute and assault.  According to ABC 15, Phoenix police confirmed Sapp was arrested on two counts of assault and one count of soliciting a prostitute.  Sapp was apparently involved in a physical altercation with two women after a dispute over money.

Initially Sapp was suspended indefinitely by NFL Network.  Now he’s been officially fired.  The statement comes from NFL Net VP of Communications Alex Riethmiller.

Warren Sapp’s contract has been terminated and he no longer works for NFL Network.

In recent years, the Hall of Famer’s media career had developed into a running punchline.  In between his hokey web series as Judge Sapp and being unceremoniously booted from Inside the NFL, he has also had several issues in his personal life ranging from filing for bankruptcy to facing a domestic battery charge that was eventually dropped.  Somehow, you get the feeling Sapp’s television career was always going to end with some kind of headline like this.

Sapp had been an NFL Network analyst since 2008.

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