Jason Kelce and James Seltzer chugging beer for charity. Image Credit: Sports Radio 94WIP

In Philadelphia, you put up or you shut up. One thing you can say about Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is that the guy puts up, and then usually shuts his opponents up.

Normally, he does that on the football field. Wednesday, however, he did it with a mug of beer.

For the past few days, the debate has raged over whether or not Kelce could chug a beer faster than SportsRadio 94WIP host and producer James Seltzer. That debate was settled at Kelce’s third annual Jersey Shore fundraiser for the Eagles Autism Foundation. The All-Pro chugged a 30-ounce beer in 5.7 seconds, easily dispatching with the radio host, who still had about half a beer left in his mug at the time.

The Philadelphia Eagles never had a doubt.

To be fair, Kelce almost ended up losing the contest on a technicality. After the chug, he was seen standing hunched over with his hands on his knees as he fought against his esophagus to keep the beer down while his brother Travis looked on.

The Kelce brothers also made an announcement on their New Heights Show podcast that they are introducing a “Beer Bowl” competition. Teams can submit videos with a name and theme for acceptance and they’ll get to compete in various drinking games, including flip cup, beer pong, and chugging. The winning team will get $50,000 and a trophy.

Seltzer took to Twitter after the event to show his respect to the victor.

Last year, the event raised $100,000 for the Eagles Autism Foundation and Jason Kelce donated an extra $50,000 as well.

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