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Jamie Erdahl is far from the first person to go on maternity leave. But there can’t be many who have left just as their business is relocating almost 3,000 miles away, with the fate of close co-workers still undecided.

That strange confluence of events for Erdahl and her Good Morning Football colleagues led her to give an emotional tribute on Wednesday’s show, her final broadcast as she goes on leave.

The Sports Business Journal reported March 6 that the NFL Network show is relocating its studio from New York City to Los Angeles. The last NYC broadcast is set for March 29. The show will return this fall after a summer hiatus.

Erdahl, who is expecting her third child with husband Sam Buckman, is moving to Los Angeles and will resume her duties after she returns from maternity leave.

But the fate of other GMFB crew members, including on-air analysts Kyle Brandt, Jason McCourty, and Peter Schrager, is unclear.

Erdahl, who joined GMFB in 2022 after Kay Adams’ departure, paid tribute to her colleagues.

“When I was invited to be a part of a show of this magnitude nearly two years ago, for 15 hours a week covering the depths of a professional league with as much power as the NFL wields,” Erdahl said, “to sit next to a man like Jason McCourty, whose reputation in personality, character, and class precedes him, to sit across from Peter Schrager, whose depth and knowledge of the league and its history is only matched by the wit and wisdom in which he delivers his nuanced takes, or to sit beside Kyle Brandt, the man whose tenacious creative drive and work ethic is a force to be reckoned with, and one that I feel incredibly honored to watch unfold, from beginning to end, every day.”

Erdahl’s fellow cast members responded in kind. McCourty hugged her, saying “I’m so happy for you.”  Schrager said Erdahl’s words were “beautiful.”

Brandt had the most colorful reaction, mentioning “New Jersey house parties with the entire cast and crew in the pool and a boatload of tequila” (via Deadline.com).

Erdahl compared her role on the show to that of a point guard, and voiced her appreciation to viewers. She’s excited to return later this year, but first she’s got important business to address.

“I’m also really happy to say that I get to keep sitting in my chair, being the best point guard I can be when Good Morning Football returns in Los Angeles,” she said. “So I will see you from LA. But now I’m gonna go have a baby.”

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