Chris Mad Dog Russo Credit: Mad Dog Unleashed/SiriusXM

The correct way to pronounce the name of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Chris Olave’s last name is oh-LAH-vay.

One of these days, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo might figure that out.

In the meantime, the second-year NFL player is making Mad Dog miserable trying to make sense of his name.

Here’s Russo last week on his SiriusXM show rattling off statistics from the game between the Saints and Tennessee Titans. Things are going fine until he gets to Olave.

“DeAndre Hopkins had seven catches for Tennessee. Henry had 63 yards on the ground. ‘Olive’ had a huge day for the Saints, eight catches for 112,” said Russo.

Presumably, word got back to Mad Dog that his pronunciation was incorrect. So when he needed to talk about the Ohio State product again on Tuesday, he made his best effort to get it right. His best effort, unfortunately, led to making it so much worse.

“They got two good receivers,” Russo said of the Saints. “Michael Thomas looks a little more active. ‘Olive’ is, uh…’Uh-low-vey,’ uh…’A-la-vay,’ whatever his…the kid from Ohio State, uh… ‘A-la-vay,’ ‘Alaveigh,’ ‘ah-LAH-vay,’ that’s it, ‘ah-Lah-vay,’ Chris ‘ah-Lah-vay,’ he’s very very good.”

We’d love to know how many times you listened to that clip because we’re at around a bakers’ dozen so far.

Look, you don’t listen to or watch Chris Russo for him to get everything right. If anything, you’ve to expect this kind of thing and, quite frankly, appreciate it.


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