Chris Russo image via Sirius XM, Clark Kent (Superman) image via DC Comics.

The often-imitated, never-duplicated Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is at it again.

Russo made headlines last week when he jokingly referred to himself as a “piece of garbage” as Roger Goodell and ESPN gave him a lesson in humility. Perhaps we’re seeing now why ESPN didn’t let Russo sit in on the Goodell interview, as he recently mistakenly referred to the Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO as Superman.

Referring to Clark Hunt as “Clark Kent” is an easy mistake to make, and we’re not here to railroad Russo for the flub, but in the general grand scheme of things, it’s a hilarious slip of the tongue.

As pointed out by Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina, Russo took issue with Jets fans who want a new quarterback, instead of Zach Wilson. His ESPN colleague and New York Jets superfan Mike Greenberg pleaded that his beloved Jets call the Minnesota Vikings and “beg them” to trade Kirk Cousins, even though he is very much not available.

The 30-second clip from Russo’s radio show on Sirius XM takes a lot of twists and turns, but you probably weren’t expecting to land at DC Comics.

“Why don’t you see if you can maybe get Hebert? They’re 0-2, going nowhere, why don’t you give up a fifth-round pick? See if you can get Justin Herbert. Why not? What the hell? How about [Patrick] Mahomes? They’ve won enough. Talk to Clark Kent and see if maybe they’ll take the running back [Michael] Carter and throw in an offensive lineman, see if you can get Mahomes in there. Why not?”

While those trade ideas read like a WFAN caller trying to prank Mike Francesa, Russo is mocking delusional Jets fans who believe they can acquire a starting quarterback in a trade just two weeks into the 2023 NFL season. Losing Rodgers after four snaps was a devastating blow and very unfortunate, but you’re probably not doing better than Colt McCoy with 15 games remaining in the regular season.

Maybe the Jets can give Clark Kent a call, but not even Superman was beating the Dallas Cowboys with that offensive line on Sunday. 

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