Bart Scott is less than thrilled with Micah Parsons.

It might be an off day for most people given it’s a holiday, but there is never an off day when it comes to ESPN talking about the Dallas Cowboys. Even though there are 1,000 different things to talk about on the day after the NBA All-Star Game in the middle of February, Bart Scott decided it was the perfect time to take aim at star linebacker Micah Parsons while on the set of Get Up.

Specifically, Scott expressed his disapproval over Parsons’ outspokenness when it comes to defending himself and the Cowboys in the media, saying that the linebacker should not bother responding to criticism and that he is “the most sensitive guy I’ve ever seen.”

“He’s lacking leadership, right? He doesn’t understand what winning in this league is all about,” Scott said. “He needs to go to a leadership school and learn how to lead by example and quit talking so much and being so damn sensitive. You’re a linebacker. That’s supposed to be a tough guy spot. He’s the most sensitive guy I’ve ever seen. He responds to everything. Get off of social media, quit tweeting, quit talking about responding, and go about your business, man.”

Parsons does have a habit of responding to criticism as evidenced by his long-term feud with Skip Bayless. But for his part, Bart Scott was one of the most outspoken players in the league during his own playing days and that’s continued into his media career too where he has been called out by other current players.

Of course, given the over-the-top and personal nature of Scott’s criticism of Parsons, we’ll likely be here in a few hours or a couple days when the Cowboys star inevitably claps back at the diss… which is probably the whole point to Scott’s commentary in the first place. Ultimately he wants to be able to say he was right and have the engagement on top of it. Can Parsons prove him wrong and resist the temptation to take the bait? Be strong Micah!

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