Nebraska at Minnesota started on Fox Business Network.

Fox Business Network has become a more and more common place for overflow college football from FS1 (thanks to a giant wave of complaints about low-distribution FS2, plus FS2’s other programming commitments), and fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers are becoming particularly aware of that this season. The Northern Illinois-Nebraska game on September 14 started there thanks to weather delays in Iowa-Iowa State, and a half hour of this Saturday’s road game against Minnesota started there thanks to the Texas Tech-Baylor clash on FS1 going to double overtime. Funnily enough, though, rather than complaints about where this game was, there was more praise for this removing Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs from the airwaves:

Even the announcers apparently joked about that, and while they were heard by the streaming audience:

As many noted, Fox Business is getting quite familiar for Huskers’ fans.

But the game did eventually move over to FS1 once Texas Tech-Baylor wrapped up. And while that’s about even from a carriage standpoint (September 2018 Nielsen carriage estimates had Fox Business with 84,499 subscribing homes and FS1 with 83,290, so that’s even a slight edge for FS1), people are expecting college football on FS1 and not on Fox Business. So there are some advantages to the game eventually winding up there. But it’s funny to see Fox Business showing a significant portion of a Nebraska game for the second time this season.

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