Skip Bayless in a LeBron James costume Photo credit: The Skip Bayless Show

Halloween is a chance for kids to dress up as their heroes, so it only makes sense that Skip Bayless once celebrated the holiday by wearing a LeBron James costume.

On the latest episode of The Skip Bayless Show podcast, the Undisputed host responded to a listener question, asking what he dressed up as for Halloween this year. Bayless didn’t dress up this year, but he has donned a costume before.

“This question makes me hark back to the last time I actually dressed up for Halloween,” Bayless said as he recalled everyone on First Take dressing up for Halloween the year the show moved from New York to Bristol.

“I’m not a big dress up guy,” he noted, before ultimately deciding, “I’ll go as LeBron, why not? So, we wrangled up a Cavaliers 23 jersey…LeBron was a headband guy at that time so I wore LeBron’s Cleveland maroonish color, I wore that headband.”

But even with the headband, the costume wasn’t complete without an important prop meant to symbolize one of the belittling nicknames handed to LeBron by Bayless. At the time, Bayless was living at the Residence Inn in Southington, Connecticut.

“So, to complete me costume, I went down to the front desk and asked a couple of the ladies working the front desk, buddies of mine. ‘Hey, I need a brick,’” Bayless asked the workers before explaining it was for a Halloween costume.

The front desk workers at the Residence Inn did not have a brick behind the counter. According to Google Maps there is a Lowe’s across the street. But instead of directing Bayless to a home improvement store to get his own brick, one of the workers kindly offered to grab one from their personal home, which was being remodeled.

“I could let you borrow a brand-new brick, but you’d have to give it back cause we’re gonna use it,” Bayless remembered the woman saying. Bayless eagerly took her up on the offer and borrowed the brick to use with his LeBron or “LeBrick” costume on First Take.

Long ago, Bayless planted his flag as the foremost LeBron James hater in sports media. Bayless has ridden that to an immensely successful TV career, as he ceaselessly makes criticizing James one of the focal points of his schtick.

Considering his obsession, it’s fitting that Bayless once attempted to be James. And no, we’re not talking about on the court where Bayless infamously averaged 1.4 points per game in high school.

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