Tom Hart faced a power outage calling Saturday's Mississippi State-Kentucky game.

Ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have led to a lot of sports events being called remotely, and that produced an interesting situation during SEC Network’s coverage of the Mississippi State-Kentucky game Saturday night. Play-by-play broadcaster Tom Hart was calling the game from his home studio, working with analyst Jordan Rodgers (in his own home studio) and field analyst Cole Cubelic (on the sidelines in Lexington). And when Hart’s house experienced a power outage and set off his home alarm, that led to both Rodgers and Cubelic filling in on play-by-play early in the third quarter. Here’s Rodgers introducing what was going on at the start of the third quarter:

Here’s Rodgers bringing the broadcast back from break in the sixth minute of the third quarter. “Back here in Lexington, Cole Cubelic on the field, Jordan Rodgers at home, and Tom Hart still trying to figure out his alarm at his house, so he’s not quite with us. Not sure if there’s a zombie apocalypse or what’s going on.”

Here’s Hart’s return a little later, introduced by Cubelic:

And here’s Hart discussing what happened:

“Uh, yeah, we cut some cables, we put some tinfoil in other places, and if the power goes out again here in Atlanta, who knows what will happen? What did I miss?”

That’s obviously not something you expect to see during a broadcast, but it is perhaps an increased possibility with the amounts of games being called remotely at the moment. At any rate, Cubelic and Rodgers did a impressive job of filling in for Hart during this disruption.


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