May 14, 2023; Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Play was suspended midway through the final round of a LIV Golf event at Cedar Ridge Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Joey Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s LIV event on Tulsa went to playoffs after a rain delay, but many viewers across the country didn’t get to see the ending on The CW.

Once 6:30 PM ET hit, play by play announcer Arlo White said “some of the CW affiliates across the United States who have to leave us now,” and encouraged viewers to watch the end of the event on the CW app or

Those CW affiliates then cut to a variety of regularly scheduled programming. Ironically, this happened minutes after Donald Trump promoted the event on his social media platform and encouraged followers to turn to the CW.

The Miami affiliate aired a rerun of The Goldbergs.

KTLA in Los Angeles awkwardly cut to an episode of Frank Buckley Interviews.

Incredibly, Buffalo’s affiliate cut to a skincare informercial.

New York’s WPIX went to Penn & Teller.

Even Tulsa, where the event was taking place, cut away for several minutes of local ads and The Neighborhood.

Golf Digest mused that the CW’s affiliates are only obligated to show LIV events during the announced windows, with no allocations for overruns.

LIV Golf events are then shown in windows of coverage on CW affiliates across the country, but the affiliates (apparently) are not obligated to show any golf outside of those times. So when a two-hour weather delay during the final round caused a late finish that dragged past the expected 6 p.m. EDT sign-off, many affiliates across the country made the decision to return to their already scheduled programming.

That sure seems like a loophole that should have been closed, but here we are.

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