Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Photo Credit: ESPN

Much like professional wrestling, announcers during the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest are always looking for ways to throw some hyperbole into the mix in order to up the excitement before Joey Chestnut eventually does what he does best.

Sometimes the metaphors and comparisons go a little too far, like wherever the announcer was going with this Joey Chestnut-Bill Russell comparison before thinking better of it.

A different comparison seemed to land much better when SportsCenter anchor John Anderson and Major League Eating president Rich Shea tried to explain the battle between Chestnut and Nick Wehry (husband of women’s winner Miki Sudo) by comparing them to country music stars Jason Isbell and Zach Bryan.

“Nick Wehry is good. He is very good but he’s not quite Joey yet. Wehry is basically at where Zach Bryan is and Joey has the mantle as Jason Isbell. Both very talented but there can be just one king,” said Shea.

This comment caught Bryan’s attention and he had to respond, saying “if this is real it’s the funniest **** that’s ever happened to me.”

After Chestnut claimed victory by eating 62 hot dogs following a rain and lightning delay that threatened to cancel the contest. That’s when Isbell chimed in, reminding people he’s got some catching up to do to be in Joey’s category.

“See I’m nothing like him. I’m 24 Franks maximum,” tweeted Isbell.

Chestnut’s display also flew in the face of Isbell’s idea on how hot-dog eating should be judged.

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