Dan Orlovsky in skin-colored pants on a NFL on ESPN game broadcast. Dan Orlovsky in skin-colored pants on a NFL on ESPN game broadcast. (Noah Pires on Twitter.)

ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky has generated a lot of discussion for his unusual habits, from diet to showering to towel-changing. And his latest odd choice is in the skin-colored pants he wore to call the regular ESPN+ feed of the Atlanta Falcons-Jacksonville Jaguars game in London (not the Toy Story Sunday Funday alternate feed). Those had many wondering if he was actually wearing pants at all:


However, Orlovsky’s ESPN colleague Laura Rutledge confirmed that he is in fact wearing pants:

Yes, ESPN probably isn’t putting pantsless announcers on TV any time soon. (At least, not without a desk in the way.) But if anyone was going to be pantsless, Orlovsky would probably be a good bet, considering his takes on showers, towels, food and more. And it’s certainly funny that he chose pants so close to his skin color.

This wasn’t the only thing notable with Orlovsky Sunday. While he’s working on the main broadcast feed, an animated version of him also popped up for a segment on the Toy Story feed:

It’s a good thing for the world that Orlovsky was actually wearing pants here. On both the actual feed and the Toy Story feed. Otherwise, that could have been an international incident.

[Noah Pires on Twitter]

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