Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky on First Take Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky on First Take.

Maybe Dan Orlovsky is just desperate to be known as something other than the quarterback who ran out the back of the end zone.

How desperate? Desperate enough that he’s willing to be known as the smelly guy on ESPN’s campus. Orlovsky set off a social media firestorm Tuesday night when he asked everyone to weigh in on the “Acceptable amount of days to go without showering in the summer as long as you go in the pool?”

Dan Orlovsky tweet
Dan Orlovsky tweets about skipping showers

After initially answering his own question with two or three days, Orlovsky amended the tweet to include “salt water pool” and clarified that he thinks the answer should be two. The tweet garnered disgust from his colleagues Ryan Clark, Rece Davis and Marcus Spears, even Patrick Mahomes chimed in to condemn Orlovsky’s take.

But while everyone on social media seemed stunned by Orlovsky’s hygiene admission, they shouldn’t be. It was far from his strangest take or admission. This is a former professional athlete who recently admitted he uses the same towel for about 30 times before replacing it with a freshly washed one. This is also the person who shamelessly disclosed details about his wife’s poop schedule on The Pat McAfee Show.

Orlovsky’s pool bath take, however, seemingly went too far. After amending his initial tweet, Orlovsky eventually deleted it altogether and blamed his wife. “Wife put the foot down and said it had to go away,” Orlovsky said of the since-deleted tweet. “She wasn’t happy about this one.”

She was able to handle Orlovsky drying himself with a dirty towel for weeks, and she was even able to endure him talking about her own poop schedule on one of the country’s most popular podcasts, but lines have to be drawn somewhere, and the line presumably stops at saltwater baths. To his credit, Orlovsky has zero shame about his seemingly weird takes, opinions and admissions which makes him sort of endearing.

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