Chris "Mad Dog" Russo mad at Michigan Credit: ESPN

Monday, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo joined a chorus of voices going all-out with their takes on the biggest story in sports right now when he came down hard against Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh.

Comparing Harbaugh and the Wolverines to the garbage can-hitting Houston Astros, Russo called out Harbaugh’s shiftiness on the controversy around the program and lashed out at Michigan defenders for being so sanctimonious.

“You guys out there in radio land buried the Astros,” Russo said on Mad Dog Unleashed. “And somehow Michigan got a raw deal? Nonsense. Michigan went out there and figured out how to have everybody at these games.”

After a charged win over Penn State on Saturday and an emotional postgame speech from interim head coach Sherrone Moore, many are coming to the defense of Michigan. Russo thinks it’s baloney.

“This whole thing that Harbaugh is somehow wronged, that is the biggest bunch of nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life,” the Mad Dog added.

With news that Harbaugh could testify Friday in hopes of removing the injunction preventing him from being on the sideline for Michigan games, Russo called out the preciousness of Michigan fans and supporters as well.

“We’ve asked Harbaugh to talk about this for three months, and he’s said absolutely nothing for three months,” Russo said. “Now that his rear end’s on the line, he’s going to talk in front of a judge.”

Any embarrassment or damage to the Michigan legacy that the sign-stealing punishment created doesn’t matter to Russo.

“They won their game by two scores, irreparable damage my ***,” Russo said. “He’s a football coach, he’s not Ghandi. My god almighty.”

Russo actually has one suggestion for Michigan football in the meantime:

“You know what Michigan can do? Loudly: go to ****.”

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