Tony Romo and Jim Nantz

Two years ago, Tony Romo was hailed as the next great NFL color commentator, seemingly able to predict plays in real-time and provide interesting analysis of the game. Since then, however, he seems to have devolved into a human catchphrase and exclamation machine who can’t even be counted on to be ready to speak when asked a question. Critics are out in full force wondering what happened and his performance on Sunday during the AFC Championship Game didn’t do much to quell their concerns.

There was one moment in particular that seemed to encapsulate NFL viewers’ frustrations with Romo. During a play in which Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got a pass off as he was being tackled by a Cincinnati Bengals defender, Romo struggled his way through a metaphor, saying “the wizard is still…wizardry.” What?

Was he trying to say “the wizard is still wizarding” but got tripped up in his own mind before he could say it? In a way, it sums up Romo’s schtick perfectly in that he was more consumed with coming up with a wacky phrase to utter rather than trying to provide the audience with any kind of meaningful context, and just made the whole thing more awkward because of it.

The NFL season is over for CBS and it stands to reason they’ll spend the offseason wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into with Romo and his 10-year, $180 million contract.

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