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In 2017, Tony Romo drew plenty of praise for his first season as a color commentator with CBS, especially with his ability to see and call plays before they happen. And during Sunday night’s Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship Game broadcast on CBS, the former quarterback put his clairvoyance on full display.

The Chiefs could’ve really used Romo as their defensive coordinator, because he knew what the Patriots were going to do on many plays late in the fourth quarter and in overtime in New England’s 37-31 win.

We’ll start with 3:50 remaining in regulation, when the Patriots trailed 21-17 and had 4th-and-inches at the Kansas City 10-yard line. Tom Brady’s known for being very good at the QB Sneak, and Patriots running back Rex Burkhead was stuffed on 4th-and-1 earlier in the game. So, the QB Sneak seemed like it had to be the call this time, and Romo said as much when New England approached the line.

But then Romo noticed Brady changing the play at the line of scrimmage: “Oh, they’re killing it. Usually means a motion and a run out wide to the right.”

That’s exactly what happened. Rob Gronkowski went in motion to the right side of the line, and helped open up an outside running lane for Sony Michel, who went untouched for an easy touchdown.

With 54 seconds left in the quarter, the Patriots trailed 28-24, and faced a 3rd-and-5 at the Kansas City 29-yard line.

Romo: “I gotta put Gronkowski out wide. He’s your guy when it’s one-on-one. They finally got him, there he is.”

Brady indeed went to Gronkowski for a 25-yard completion.

In overtime, the Patriots had 3rd-and-9 at their own 35-yard line.

Romo: “They gotta block the front. If Gronk’s not outside, you gotta chip with him, chip with him (highlighting the running back), and throw to Edelman over the middle of the field.”

Brady hit Edelman over the middle of the field for a 20-yard gain.

Later in the drive, the Patriots had the ball at the Chiefs’ 30-yard line on 3rd-and-10.

Romo: “Gronk is out wide. Watch the top of the screen. Watch the safety. If he (the safety) comes down, there’s a good chance he (Brady) is throwing out there.”

Brady and Gronkowski connected for a crucial 15-yard play, on what would turn out to be the final pass of the game.

And on 2nd-and-Goal at the 2, Romo said, “New England tried the play-action earlier. I can’t see it here. This has to be a run.”

Rex Burkhead then carried the ball into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown to put New England in the Super Bowl.

Twitter was blown away by Romo’s work on the night. Here are some examples:

The Patriots-Rams Super Bowl is shown on CBS on Feb. 3, so we’ll get to see and hear more of Romo’s brilliance in two weeks.

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