Brooks Koepka may have walked away from the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage Black with another Wanamaker Trophy, but thieves walked away with 64 CBS cameras and other equipment.That’s according to a lawsuit the network filed in federal court seeking damages from a security firm CBS says should have, well, secured things.Here’s Kathianne Boniello, writing about the lawsuit in the New York Post:

A security guard actually witnessed people milling around in the dark with large black duffel bags, and then loading the bags into vehicles, but took no action, CBS Sports claims in Brooklyn Federal Court papers.The next morning, CBS Sports employees found dozens of cameras gone. They surmised the caper was neither quick nor quiet. Instead of properly releasing the cameras from their tripods, the ham-handed robbers ripped them from the stanchions, leaving broken equipment scattered about, according to the legal filing against the California-based security company that was supposed to be guarding the equipment.The thieves “would have needed substantial time to steal a large number of separate pieces of bulky camera equipment in this manner” and “would have created substantial noise and should have attracted the attention of [Contemporary Services Corp.] personnel,” CBS Sports charged.

CBS is looking for nearly $1 million in damages from the suit. Considering the regular beating CBS golf coverage takes on Twitter, the incident served as unsurprising fodder. never would have happened at Augusta.[New York Post]

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