Key art for Prime Video's Jason Kelce documentary "Kelce." Key art for Prime Video’s Jason Kelce documentary “Kelce.”

Prime Video’s Kelce documentary on Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce is coming to that Amazon streaming service on Sept. 12, and they released a 2:42 trailer for it Thursday. The trailer, seen below, illustrates some of Kelce’s internal debates about retirement. And it also shows off his family relationships with brother Travis (who he co-hosts the New Heights podcast with, and who he faced off against in February’s Super Bowl LVII), with his wife Kylie McDevitt and his daughters, and with his parents:

The tagline for Kelce is “Football is a family story,” and that’s definitely emphasized in this trailer. And it’s interesting to get some of these behind-the-scenes looks at Kelce’s life and his retirement debate, perhaps especially with McDevitt’s comment around 1:20 of “I would like him to retire when he’s still able to get down on the floor and play with our kids comfortably.” Football injuries have definitely led to a lot of post-career mobility impacts for many, with linemen often particularly impacted there, so it’s notable to see that kind of discussion around his retirement thoughts (with Kelce himself also talking about injuries and health).

The documentary is presented by Prime Video Sports and Skydance Sports. It’s produced by 9.14 Pictures, Vera Y Productions, and NFL Films. It’s directed by Don Argott and produced by Argott, Sheena M. Joyce, and Larry Platt, and executive produced by executive produced by Connor Barwin, by David Ellison, Jesse Sisgold, and Jon Weinbach of Skydance Sports, and by Ross Ketover, Pat Kelleher, and Keith Cossrow of NFL Films. It will premiere on Prime Video on Sept. 12, two days ahead of that service’s Thursday Night Football 2023 premiere, which will see Kelce’s Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings.

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