15. Chicago Bulls – 2.41
-Neil Funk (play by play)
-Stacey King (analyst)

Most popular grade: A  (31.42% of voters)

Analysis: Funk and King are a fun crew. King’s got catchphrases for days, and Funk has a voice out of a time machine. Any complaints on them would center around their being corny or old-fashioned, but I find their authenticity utterly satisfying.


Reader comments:


14. Golden State Warriors – 2.45
-Bob Fitzgerald (play by play)
-Jim Barnett (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (28.87% of voters)

Analysis: Perhaps the lackluster final score is voter fatigue from celebrating the excellence of the Warriors organization in all facets. I’m taken by Fitzgerald and Barnett, who call a great game, offer excellent analysis and seldom lose themselves in their team’s prolific streaks and shine. Also in Golden State’s favor: Emmy award winning reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, the very best sideline analyst in the business.

Reader comments: “Love Jim Barnett, can’t stand Bob Fitzgerald. Can’t give the W’s more than a C.” – benmalone1908

“Jim Barnett is aces. Bob Fitzgerald is terrible. Yes I’m clouded by the fact that he’s even worse as a sports radio host. And he needs to stop trying to make “Human Torch” happen with Curry.”  – slder78

13. Charlotte Hornets – 2.45
-Eric Collins (play by play)
-Dell Curry (analyst)
-Stephanie Ready (analyst)

Most popular grade: B (33.20% of voters)

Analysis: The dance that Curry and Ready do sharing the microphone in a three-team booth is impressive. This is a heady crew that knows the game but can also keep things light, and getting Bs from 33 percent of the voters is a fine assessment.

Reader comments: “The three person booth can be tricky but it hasn’t been a huge problem in the games that I’ve watched this year. Stephanie Ready moved from the sideline to a courtside seat and she’s been even better. Dell Curry is solid as always. Eric Collins has done a great job of replacing Steve Martin, who wasn’t terrible by any means.” – Drunckle

12. Detroit Pistons – 2.48
-George Blaha (play by play)
-Greg Kelser (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (35.48% of voters)

Analysis: The Pistons crew received the 10th most As of any team. The high praise is due for Blaha, going on 40 years as the Pistons play-by-play man, and Kelser, who has worked beside him for nearly half of those seasons. Just a seasoned, in-sync crew.

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11. New Orleans Pelicans – 2.50
-Joel Meyers (play by play)
-David Wesley (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (34.12% of voters)

Analysis: Meyers and Wesley call a nice game and they deserved a strong crop of As. Meyers’ baritone voice and smooth delivery are timeless, and to the delight of many, he’s the furthest thing from a homer. It’s gold whenever Meyers voices his displeasures with Tyreke Evans after a costly turnover or ill-advised brick.

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